Sep 15

Today: 15-Sep-2010: Are we there yet?

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Today was an interesting day with the actual deployment of the DiReCt (EQUELLA) 4.1 system at USQ. It has taken far too long for this to happen and is I believe over a month behind where I had wanted everything to be deployed. But such is life. The last minute changes and the resultant litany issues that were generated by them which became almost recursive have for the most part been resolved (not so recursive now are we!). There remains some backend stuff that isn’t behaving properly but that will come in time and I have a feeling that something somewhere is breaking but I’ll get around to fixing it – one has to move on with these things. The new environment is behind load balancers, is running SSL by default (load balancer handles that) and I wrote some code that handles rewriting the path to be the new path that was picked. This is a bit of TCL that I retaught myself to get working properly with the F5 load balancers. Other fun things happening involve attending meetings with different people about ePrints related work and slowly getting closer on the world peace project.

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