Apr 11

Nothing beats the real thing…but a pirate

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So lately I’ve had issues with CNC4. I paid for it and ended up downloading a server emulator to play the game. It even gave me the pre-order mission anyway. A while back I got EzyDVD’s Battlestar Galactica collection. Every single episode of the new series plus Razor and The Plan. It also has the 1978 and 1980’s material as well. It is a box and IMHO very well presented. Early on one of the DVD’s wasn’t playing properly, I put it in my Mac and it worked on both my Mac and the PC. I tried Season 3 Disc 4 today and that isn’t working. Fortunately I have DVD rips of season three downloaded so I stopped watching “the real thing” and swapped to the pirate. The pirate copy doesn’t require me to sit through two sets of copyright notices, Universal’s gratuitous logo and then wait for their fancy little intro sequences just to watch a single episode.

So much for the real thing. I want to spend money on supporting things but Firefly and Dollhouse is proof that doesn’t matter either. The fact that it takes ages for a Region 4 DVD to come out (compared to Region 1 and 2) so I can’t at times legally buy something anyway. Let alone the fact some things never get released in Australia anyway. Rather depressing at the end of the day.

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