Mar 26

Today: 26-Mar-2010: RDO or not

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One of the advantages of working for a university or government organisation is the use of flex. So today I made full use of the extra time I’ve worked up over the last week. I woke up late after going to bed early, so I caught up on a bit of sleep. I spent 1.5 hrs playing on Wii Fit which was good, it meant that I burnt off a whole heap of energy – allegedly over 300kcal, well perhaps not that much.

I finished up and went to uni to have a meeting with my supervisor. We went over the paper that we’re working on to get through a few things. I had a good two hour lunch catching up with people. It appears that ICT is going to be outsourcing with the people currently being sued by the University of South Australia. A curious choice, to go with someone who has a track record of apparent failure but they were probably cheap enough. I followed this by a short visit in my office to catch up on things before I went to visit with Luke, the ICT Security Manager.

We managed to get the library test site and blog working properly behind the load balancer which unfortunately took around 45 minutes to get right. Whilst I was visiting, he also fixed up coursereading pointing to test not prod which is good. This means I need to double check a few more things and we’ll be ready to

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