Mar 22

Today: 22-Mar-2010: Much work ahead

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Looks like I have a busy week ahead. Last week I was working on the death of lib1 and libblog which will have to continue to a point but it looks like not this week. Might get there but you never know. Other items ahead this week include iPhone training tomorow and DiReCt consultants up on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday we’ll start our catalogue reindex process again and hopefully that will continue successfully. I had some word today that we should be able to go the other way with the Virtua and library catalogue to help automate the reindexing so that we don’t have to do it all ourselves.

I had some fun with paperwork and a rather unfriendly colleague trying to be annoying. Managed to get all of the paperwork filed and shifted around the place which is good. It all ended up working out even though it was at the last minute. Nothing a bit of friendliness doesn’t help.

I was having a look at getting the JIRA jelly to notify non-users from JIRA when their issue changes. We don’t necessarily want people to be able to do anything but just be notified of changes. Creating users for everyone would seem a bit painful instead of just adding a few emails to the particular issue so that they’re notified when things happen.

To round out the afternoon I spent some time redoing the MARC loads for a new type of file and hopefully that will get properly tested tomorrow and all sorted.

Late in the afternoon I had an email from another part of the University. They wanted to attend some of the sessions to get an idea about the architecture about DiReCt since we’ve got two consultants coming up to try and work out how the system works. What I don’t get about this is that they hired the person who knows the most about the product at the University and gave them an extra two levels on top of what they were being paid. I don’t quite understand why need to get an idea when they already employ an expert already. But such is life.

The work slowly turns!

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