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Today: 10-Mar-2010: Recruitment Training!

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Almost entirely my day was in recruitment training. Starting at 9:30am and finishing around 4pm it was a full on day of training which was something different. Training for it is mandatory and a requirement of recruitment panel membership for interviewing new staff. I’ve now done it and it is out of the way. It was in a weird way valuable, I feel it might have been compacted better. They provided food almost as a way of preventing escape more than anything and ensuring that you didn’t leave the building – or even the two joined rooms.

Beyond this I didn’t do much beyond a few emails, a small amount of fixing of code and helping people out. To round out my day I did some debate adjudicating and had teams that were starting their debating career in the last year of high school debating. They gave it a go whichis the most important part.

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