May 28

Today: 28-May-2009: A day of small victories

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Today I had a lot of small victories working on the Uni’s safety incident and hazard reporting system. It’ll be a while before this cycle is over so it will be a bit longer before it ends in production but it will also mean a lot more testing. Tomorrow I will try to get a few more things knocked off before I move onto something else. At some point I have to do some more work for the portal project to give them a feed of courses from Moodle. That shouldn’t be too hard to achieve however it will take a bit of time to see what permissions are required. At some point I also need to do a release as well.

In other news last night I wrote a quick WebDAV interface for Joomla! – its a slow thing and it also works like a bit of a composite as well with supplying an interface into the filesystem. It is using SabreDAV to handle the DAV interface into PHP which is cool but I’m wondering if it is slowing things down.

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