May 25

Today: 25-May-2009: Monday comes but once a week

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So I haven’t been blogging for a while which is a bad habit to get out of but I’m sure I’ll get there sooner or later. Today was an interesting day, I spent half an hour having coffee finding out just how bad the USQ Student Guild really is – so much worse than what I thought they were which was already pretty bad. I also spent an hour or so trying to get AC/DC tickets and noticed that they offered a second date and managed to get A Reserve Seating which is good, I’m not entirely sure what that means but anyway (since the A reserve standing was the same price). So yeah, there was some time out.

So with some admin tasks and meetings about different things including Camtasia Relay and ugly administrative tasks. The afternoon was spent working on UniHIRTS. I added a whole heap of code to basically add a workflow check to ensure that incidents or hazards can’t be closed when there are open actions. Something I thought would be really simple turned out to be a pain. But I couldn’t work out why it didn’t appear to work. I ended up putting it at the lowest layer possible and working backwards to find out why it wasn’t being caught earlier. It turns out that there were two functions next to each other that achieved effectively the same thing, except one didn’t run through any of the data validation checks. So once I found that I managed to update the code to use the same code path as the other storage code path that validated the data. Unfortunately in doing this it took me all afternoon digging through the layers of code to find where it actually was after I’d managed to get it partly and badly fixed. Another day in the office.

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