May 8

Today: 08-May-2009: Paperwork and administrator day

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The bulk of today was wasted getting paperwork together to get everything put together. I spent some time finalising stuff for next week at JAOO (which is looking exciting) with car bookings and the like. It looks like everything has gone through fine but it is going to be a bit awkward switching cars but such is life. On the paperwork I had some more debating fun with the Queensland Government finding new and interesting ways to obstruct people. If I had more money I would love to fund a comedic ad pin pointing how ludicrous the system is but I don’t have money or acting talent (lets just assume I could bang out a half decent script at this point). Paperwork unfortunately ate a large chunk of my morning in what is turning out to be a white wash for my mornings but anyway.

I spent the afternoon planning for JAOO with Sally and Jon which was fun. Sitting down deciding which sessions we were going to do and how that works. It looks like a really good event to go to and I’m excited to be attending. It also expresses the confidence that the organisation has in me, something I don’t want to disappoint on delivering.

I spent some time trying to work out why some times a before insert trigger on one of the tables for UniHIRTS didn’t work properly. The closest I got was an Oracle “mutating tables trigger error” which sounds sort of close to what the trigger is doing but doesn’t feel right. Every so often the trigger fails to update the composite primary key for the entries which means we need to manually do it, the mutating tables sounds right but we don’t have a record of the error in the log files to work out why it isn’t working. It does seem strange that majority of the time the database updates perfectly but in some situations it doesn’t, especially when the item in particular should be executed in the database.

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