May 7

Today: 07-May-2009: Slowing down the library workload

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Today marked the slowing of a the library workload though I still ended up spending half a day cleaning up after the change yesterday to ePrints. Minor things and various paperwork to get stuff working again. We missed one of the firewall changes for the ERA stuff and it looks like our security guy is having issues with the fact that it isn’t one of the machines that we control or are a part of our section (our section being ICT as a whole). I spent the morning following up some work with that but moved onto UniHIRTS/USQSafe in the afternoon. I spent a bit of time playing fix the build with the initial scp transfer I did dereferencing all of the symlinks that I had which means that when the build script goes looking for those links it breaks because the link doesn’t exist but a copy of the file exists. It’s a bit of a shame I guess but at least I have a good copy of everything and something to keep in mind for future when I’m working on things – perhaps pipe things through tar to transfer things properly (SSH and SCP are really cool technologies for what they allow you to do with your computer). Whilst I was doing that I also got set up to deploy applications to the build server. Unfortunately in doing so it appears my application broke on the build server so I’ll have to roll it back again and work out what is going wrong there before continuing. But all in a days work.

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