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Today: 06-May-2009: ePrints and DiReCt

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Today I finished the migration of ePrints from its old environment into the much newer, much shinier environment. It has been moved from its old RHEL4 systems into a newer RHEL5 environment with a non bodgy mod_perl 1.99beta something that is supposedly version 2 but lacks a few things from version 2. Yay for Red Hat. Anyway, its now up and running with everything we need. As the main driver of the entire change, I went to check with ADFI to see if their SWORD  integration works. Thankfully after all of this it is up and running so they can now use ICE to submit stuff to the system. Lucky them.

I also spent some more time to research into iTunes U. It appears that there is a Mobile Learning Roadshow down in Brisbane later this month which should be good to go to and have a look at. We might never go that way but you can’t argue with their price.

DiReCt is also crashing again, with the databases dying yesterday and the application server today. They both have th same root cause: a lack of disk space. Cleaning up the transaction log for the databases (which was on the same disk as the database) and removing some extra logs and backups on the application server (no log rotation with backups made locally before being archived off). Causes are quite obvious in hindsight and I think discussions have been taking place to get everything resolved.

Weird file type of the day:     JET database attachment (.snp). It appears to be some form of form thing that we ended up printing but it is certainly something I’ve never seen before. Evolution apparently recognises it which is good and a Window box can print it so I’m happy. The USQ travel office appears to deal in these forms so I guess that’s life. It is a minor problem being a Linux user in this case as I don’t have anything to open it and my supervisor person who is presently seconded elsewhere also hasn’t seen it, doesn’t recognise it but is happy that Windows opens it. So am I

Outlook Web Access Contact Search on IE7 doesn’t actually search properly, looking for the “USQ EXECUTIVE COMMUNIQUE” using the terms “EXECUTIVE” (either case) or “COMMUNIQUE” (either case) results in nothing sane, thankfully they appear near the top of the list when searching “USQ”. Interesting I found a reference to USQ in Dubai as a mailing list still which is quite strange as it was supposed to be killed off ages ago, it appears remanents of its legacy still remains. It was a rather large scandal for the University at the time so it is interesting that everything was scrubbed.

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