May 5

Today: 05-May-2009: A day before

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Back from the long weekend, one of the last for the year. Why is it that long weekends tend towards the start of the year and not the end? We need a few more holidays at the other end of the year but anyway.

Today was spent organising everything to be set up for the switch over of the ePrints production environment including not one but two system administrators coming to our meeting (yay! the team leader as the guy who will be awake before 8am). We had a nice chat about exactly what is going to happen when and everyone seems mostly happy. They don’t really have much to do but they still have to do it (lucky them) – its mostly a DNS change and server rename on their part. In addition to writing even more documentation, I also spent some time reconfiguring and tweaking the Apache settings on the new production server.

I also spent some time working on DiReCt to get the ICE interface up and running. Its now in the development environment as well as copies in the test and production environment. DiReCt is having some major malfunctions which is a tad worrying but nothing that I can particularly control.

Last but not least I ended my day working through tonnes of paperwork to get basically no where. I’ll have to have a chat with people tomorrow to see what I’m supposed to do and where I’m supposed to find the next level of paperwork I’m expected to fill in. But all good fun.

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