Apr 30

Today: 30-Apr-2009: Another month ends

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It is a Thursday and just like Arthur Dent, I don’t think that I’ll get a handle on Thursday. The DiReCt project is progressing and a few more changes are required to be things finalised but today at least the testing was completed. They’ll deploy the changes to production plus a few more changes that were needed to happen as well. Fortunately that much doesn’t involve me so I ended up spending even more time looking at ePrints. We’re getting even closer to release of the production environment, and today I had a chat with our DBA (who is great but a bit green on MySQL) about shifting the grant permissions and reconfiguring the MySQL server the way wants it to behave.

We have also at this point double checked a whole heap of other tasks that we need to do during the shift including renaming entries in DNS servers internal and external as well as renaming the server. It’s all fun and games until Wednesday morning! But that’s next month right?

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