Apr 24

Today: 24-Apr-2009: Meetings day

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Today was a day full of meetings of all sorts. I started the day with a bit of PHP coding before moving on to the regular team meeting, a meeting with my master’s supervisor about my masters and some interesting stuff about using relationships for permissions and then onto a seminar by Elisa Bertino from Perdue University on data trustworthiness which was followed then by a meeting with the Planning and Quality Office  about our ERA submission and some more work. Coming back from this I wandered past the library to try and find some people but failed to find anyone as they were at a workshop – fun. So I had lunch and returned to attend another meeting about getting a website (Discovering Disabilities) out of the USQ CMS system and into something else, either Joomla! or WordPress. Given the client it seems that WordPress is perhaps going to be the choice which is unfortunate(ish) but perhaps the best option for the client. At this point it was getting close to three and I did a few check ups on different items and decided to head off early at 3pm and go get my tyres changed. Bring on the weekend.

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