Apr 23

Today: 23-Apr–2009: Another bland day

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At some point I will get everything set up and working. Unfortunately I still have firewall problems and they keep coming. The University has this strange policy that development should happen on servers and then backs this up by providing firewalls and limitations to access into the server via gateway machines which all prevent direct access. Then the servers themselves in part are unfriendly by not providing the greatest editors (personally I’m a vim person which is so much better than vi) as well as making it hard to get back to where things need to be because they’re then blocked by another set of firewalls. Makes things productive.

So today was filling in paperwork to get things working properly. Firewall forms, software install requests and all sorts of other useless things. I did manage to get some changes made however it is hard to test when you can’t look at your database to find information to test with.

Updates on the Camtasia front with a comment on this blog and a few emails. One email came back about customising the emails that the system sends and unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option. Hopefully we will be able to replicate part of what the Presenter solution that pushes the data straight into the Moodle course or courses.

And out of nowhere and directive has come down to prevent data transfers in and out of the University. Something has obviously happened and the management are shooting from the hip and are going to create a whole heap of red tape for the sake of trying to prevent stuff from happening. After a while I’m sure they’ll be sick of it as it starts to block other things but obviously for the time being things are going to be hectic. Of course with all sorts of things it is very vague about what they want, mean or are really even concerned about. It’ll be another fun task to add to the list.

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