Apr 21

Today: 21-Apr-2009: Disconnected Operation

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I would like to say that I did something productive today but at the end of the day I really feel tha tI haven’t done much. Today was another wasted day on ePrints stuff which is rather unfortunate because well there is very little progress being made until late in the afternoon. Managed to get everything up and running with the new eprints test machine however there were firewall issues standing in the way of getting things to work properly and suck content down across the line. So whilst everything in theory should be working perfectly fine for the test environment all we are missing is the data to test it with. Brilliant!

In other library related fun I also had a chat with the guy who has been working with DiReCt who guided me through some of the bolt on PHP scripts that they’ve added that are relevant to the changes that the library wants to make. It is some very nice looking code and design with a few ugly bits but you get that from time to time when you pull code around the place and make rapid changes. Given the time frame presently available it doesn’t look like any of the changes I’m going to make are going to be particularly neat or tidy either which is a shame (e.g. it’ll probably be a bulk copy and paste job).

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