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Today: 20-Apr-2009: Back in the groove

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Its been a while since I’ve done one of my ‘today’ posts. I have a large number of posts sitting in draft phase and for tonight I’ll work through getting some of them up and out as well as this one. Exciting times ahead.

Another Monday and I finally managed to work out how to get something to recalculate properly when I store it with Java Bean’s. The solution that eventually worked turned out to be not what I particularly expected however it does the job and I’m not complaining. This means that one of the tickets I had which was almost done is now fully complete and in the repository ready to get pushed to the testing system for the end of the cycle. Good fun.

After last week not having any progress on our ePrints Test machine and its firewalls, today certainly didn’t impress. Absolutely nothing seems to have happened so we’ll wait until tomorrow and hopefully something will have happened. Hopefully.

I also ran into DiReCt, a system based on ‘equella’, which handles the libraries repository of course materials and readings. The issue at hand is to add a customisation for ICE to provide citations in both print and online form. Presently it picks a citation in the format it thinks is best and puts it out with a preference given to online form. Now the ICE people want to print stuff so they always need both in case they want to use one or the other so we’ve got a change. And they want it done before the middle of May. I’ll be having another meeting tomorrow to sit down and work out what needs to happen and how which should be interesting.

I also started putting together my new desktop, copying data from the old one as well as a fresh Ubuntu install. My former desktop had Debian Lenny on it however it seems the new Dell’s ATI cards don’t play nicely with Lenny however Ubuntu with a few kicks in the right place do and will support dual monitors (a must for any developer or power user). It has a lot of copying to do so I left that to run via a cross over cable over night.

Over the weekend I also picked up a copy of “The Pragmatic Programmer” so when I have a bit of time I’ll sit down and start working through that. Now all I need is more time!

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