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Today: 01-Apr-2009: April Fools Day

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Today was April Fools Day for another year, there have been some interesting ones already with a version of IE that supports Firefox and Safari in addition to Firefox plugins. The page was well written and had some really awesome clues such as the alt tags on the images, notes in some of the graphs and that an IE developer has an iPhone without being fired by Ballmer for not buying their ZunePhone in defecation brown.

The ePrints development server is currently being shifted around the place which makes trying to develop for that system hard. Hopefully it’ll get back to normal and the test system as well as production will go smoothly.

Two Moodle Email issues turned out to be a non-event: one student didn’t know what I was talking about and that killed that issue quickly and another said the issue had been resolved a month ago. Easy! A third issue relating to Wimba seems to have been solved independently of us which is much nicer.

I also spent some time again on USQSafe and ended up having Eclipse run out of memory on a rather large JSP file trying to highlight it all properly as well as do autocomplete amongst other things. I ended up resorting to KDevelop to work on. KDevelop is one of my favourite development environments and helped me when I was learning basic C and writing my first instant messaging server.

I also took a few minutes and wrote an April Fools Joke on community.joomla.org about a new combined version of Joomla! and Drupal called ‘Joopal’.

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  1. Hacker2of August 8th, 2009 10:25 pm

    Wonderful, thank you.. Ha.. Ha.. Ha..

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