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Today: 30-Mar-2009: The week begins

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Last night I looked at some of the iPhone developer stuff and saw them writing on the Macs and wondered if I should be going off and doing these sorts of things and the low developer time. The problem is that the people in these cases were intimately familiar with Mac OS X programming and with Objective-C which is something that I don’t really have. I would love to take some more time to work with Objective-C and get things up and running with it but I really don’t have the time between doing all of the work that I do with Joomla! and in PHP. Some times I wonder if it would be nice to work for something like Nokia and work on Qt using C++ as something interesting.

Working on Java today again with USQSafe, got a few interesting tips on what I need to do to get stuff to work. JasperReports/iReport is now behaving better and I’m getting used to its limitations. It only crashed once today, an improvement.

Today’s Outlook error is that for some silly reason it can’t preview HTM files. I’m not quite sure how or why, but it is what it is. This is from the ePrints tech mailing list which seems to mangle emails to cause this to occur for some reason.

Outlook with no HTM file viewer

This is a copy in part of something Evolution has had for a long time, however I think Evolution (and Mac OS X’s Mail application which also has a similar interface) has it much better as the attachment expands out in the email:

Evolution's handling of attachments

This makes it a bit more interesting and funnily enough Evolution can handle a simple HTML attachment,  I can’t wait for Openchange and proper Exchange support in Evolution. DavMail is good but causes weird lock up issues and doesn’t seem to properly support caching itself. I guess the alternative is to get the source and hack caching into the application, this should make it a bit more reliable and performant.

There are also repeated autonotification emails to Moodle to tell us that people have received the email, are out of the office, have moved on or something has changed in addition to the “this email doesn’t exist”. This is beginning to get a bit annoying and its time to have a look at cleaning it up and getting Moodle to automatically disable email addresses.

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