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Today: 27-Mar-2009: Evacuation

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The most exciting thing for today was that we had a fire alarm and evacuation. Even though it was a false alarm, not a drill, it was the first time I’ve been in a proper evacuation sitaution for a fire. Everyone walked in an orderly manner perhaps due to the fact that most people seemed to think that it was a drill. In fact some decided that since it was a drill that they would take off instead of waiting and go to lunch since this was just prior to lunch. I think half the building ended up on lunch earlier than they would have expected since they were already distracted. Since some thought that it was a drill and wandered off, the entire procedure seems to suck as they’re supposed to check who was supposed to be in the building for the day at some point and this didn’t seem to happen. I do wonder what would happen in a real situation, not a drill or false alarm.

I continued my Moodle issue with the forum posting problem. It turns out that IE was causing the quoting to fail for some reason however using Firefox works and resolves the problem. I’m almost certain that the issue is in part on the server side though some weird IE extensions. Today wasn’t too much more productive with the functional team not being around which caused it’s own complications not only with myself but with the ICT Service Desk. Also trying to resolve another issue I am unable to contact a person to help fix their error, however though every time I walk to lunch or am outside walking past to the refect I can see the person for some reason. I wonder why can’t I call them and hve them actually be at their desk? I guess they aren’t there when I walk pAst either so what are they actually doing?

I rounded out my afternoon with USQSafe trying to work out why reports were not being found. I ended up trying a few thinga such as symlinking at the root folder but this didn’t work, tried some more symlinks in that directory and this didn’t work either. I figured at this point I’m stabbing in the dark and gave up on solving this problem and will look at it on the Monday with the help of my team leader who worked on it previosuly. I decided to use iRelort to build some new reports and got them tested out. iReport crashed once or twice which was annoying and I needed to restart the JBoss server due to accidentally extracting an EAR file in the wrong directory. I managed to add some extra data so that I could better test the reports and they appeared to work properly so I’ll just have to get it working properly in the application and finding the final Jasper reports including working out where the files should be located and why they can’t be found right now.

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