Mar 23

Today: 23-Mar-2009: It begins again

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Starting with Monday I feel that the weekend is not long enough, though I guess I could say that all of the time. I spent some time installing Visual Studio 2008 Professional edition on my annoyingly slow computer. Copying 4.3GB off the installation DVD took 1.5 hours though thankfully the majority of that time was sucked up in the Monday set of meetings. Funnily enough the installer crashed after I clicked “restart later”, at least everything was installed. After this I installed SP1 which took another hour before I went to lunch. The worst thing about this was that it made my entire computer slow and almost made it impossible to actually do anything productive. So I went to lunch and came back later to see it done and wanting me to restart (again). With all of that installed, I tried some stuff with DirectSound and this still didn’t solve my problem so I’m back to square one again without a solution.

Reading through the ePrints mailing list I found a cool looking app called Papers: Given I’m going to start doing a lot of academic style work it looks like it might be a useful tool. But I will see how it goes. It also has a companion iPhone application as well that looks really cool.

I’m sure I did something more today but it must not have been too interesting!

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