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Today: 20-Mar-2009: Look out, look out there is corruption about!

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Another day, another Outlook problem. Outlook died today or last night via OWA as well and I was told it was datastore corruption, yay for a system where minor corruption in perhaps one users mailbox takes down the entire system. Bring on Notes with one database/file per user. As a model it also makes shifting someone’s data around a lot easier. Outlook annoyance of the day: no ability to “ignore” specific meetings from highlighting the calendar. I have a regular meeting every day bolds the calendar making it a pointless UI improvement as every week day is highlighted.

I also had a meeting with Stijn and Richard about doing a masters dissertation on MDFS Permissions. It is some newer concepts in how filesystems will operate but I need to find out stuff about how permissions work already and do some reading up on role based access control with how rules relate to the system. Some of it might be pointless but it should be interesting as MDFS permits the concept of a person within the filesystem as well as all of the group information to be stored in a much richer manner as well as metadata about relationships. Very sexy.

More Office fun with Excel still asking me for my credentials when opening my timesheet, surely in a Microsoft friendly environment my credentials would all be passed on and I wouldn’t have to reauthenticate myself _again_ when I want to pull a document off Sharepoint. No really Microsoft, is it that hard?

Google Summer of Code is back again and my inbox is rather full, I’ll be happy when its over because the mail dies down a bit but until then my inbox is flat strap.

As part of my Adobe Presenter work I’m trying to find a way to record the same audio twice on Windows. MCI shareable doesn’t appear to work properly without hardware support and interestingly with Linux using ALSA/JACK would work great but I’m not dealing with linux boxes. I tried downloading the DirectX9 SDK, nearly 500MB! Maybe that will work. Interestingly I could see what other people were downloading in addition to the DirectX Software Development Kit, they downloaded the DirectX Software Development Kit:


Brilliant! Others who downloaded this also downloaded this! Microsoft making leaps and bounds in its logical reasoning algorithms.

Whilst installing DirectX, I get presented with an interesting screen. I can participate whilst not participating at the same time. They must store it in a qubit, Microsoft at the leading edge of quantum mechanics.


Finally for the day, proof that people can’t quite read; people ask how to unsubscribe from a list which has at the bottom of each email message including their own instructions on how to unsubscribe. The list admin in this case responded with text incredibly similar to this:


I’m also trying out davmail to provide better integration between Exchange and normal environment. It provides access to the global address list from Exchange (slow but faster than doing a search on the domain), calendars in CalDAV format (sort of works) as well as a few other things that I don’t think is really useful (IMAP interface, POP3 interface and SMTP interface) since at USQ these are already available so we don’t need them.

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