Mar 19

Today: 19-Mar-2009: Nearing the end of the week

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Its interesting that in the country you wave at people when you drive past them on obscure dirt roads, it’s just what you do. Today whilst driving to work I waved at a guy one a back street after I picked up my girlfriend’s sister who also works with us at the University (we all work in different departments). It’s a standard suburban street and this guy was walking on the road walking his dog and whilst I waved (out of habit perhaps?), I didn’t get wave back. I guess city people are like that, in the country I wouldn’t have that, it is strange that the close we get together the further we get apart. Perhaps it is also a recent occurence as well, I’m not sure.

On the work front today I listened to some ICT presentations on change management with our call logging system, HEAT, and how it isn’t designed to do change management but the university is looking at tools to handle that. I also listened about risk and how the university should be doing something about risk management and mitigation including some interestong points that the stuff they’ve done so far is relatively useless when push comes to shove. Great!

I also played “find the MySQL DBA” with the internal directory listing a room at the other end of the building to where the DBA was, handy. It took me less time to explain what I needed to him than it did to find him.

I also spent some timd playing with iReport getting Oracle to play nicely with it. I managed to get it to connect to the DB but I can’t work out how to get iReport to handle an “in” style statement properly and allow me to provide a multiselect select box to the user. I may end up having to hard code it to get it to play nicely.

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