Mar 18

Today: 18-Mar-2009: Exchange Redux

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Today is the second day of the Universities snap roll out from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007. Yesterday after having much fun with filters that had their nose put out of joint by the fact that the way messages were delivered changed, I now have a message in my inbox from “MicrosoftExchange329e71ec88ae4615bbc36ab6ce41109e@mbrc.internal”

The adventures today weren’t limited to just Windows with GRUB not seeming to want to let me reboot into a non default operating system. Not sure why it didn’t work properly so I will have to have a look at that later.

I also did some investigation into the ePrints permissions and grants. Looks like we’ve got a few stray permissions that need a bit of a clean up but I guess that will happen in time.

I’m also learning more about Java, however more wins than losses today. I’ve learnt that JBoss chews a lot of RAM, however I got the basics up and running and adding data to a local test system. If I’m lucky might be able to have something ready for tomorrow.

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