Mar 12

Today: 12-Mar-2009: Change of perspective

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Today’s weird issue is that in Moodle there are users with “-” as an email address. Interestingly some have logged in and there is even one without “idnumber” set even though they should have a valid value based on their username. Very strange, however nothing incredibly dramatic as the majority of the users aren’t impacted by this.

However after doing Visual Basic 6 for the last few weeks in addition to the PHP programming I’ve been doing for a long time, I’ve managed to get some Java application development work. Its entitled fun with Oracle and JDBC getting JasperReports and iReport fun with paths on Windows and its spaces. So far I haven’t actually managed to achieve much which is rather frustrating but hopefully I’ll get it resolved.

I’ve been playing with X11 on Windows again and its been a rather long time. Initially I went hunting for Cygwin but I knew it wasn’t what I was really after and found Xming again. It has been a while and its a bit hard to find stuff when you don’t remember what its called but I’m getting there.

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