Mar 11

Today: 11-Mar-2009: More issues

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Another day another issue. Today we have more presenter issues, today its that wave files are not converting properly in MP3 format. I tried using Visual Basic and integrating it with LAME, which is more pain than one can imagine. We are limited to 16-bit audio but I’m going to have to handle 8bit mono which is a shame when LAME wants 16-bit inputs! Suffice to say I decided against fighting for too much longer to build something that will properly convert it and will try to look at it later. Hopefully I can rebuild the original application in a much friendlier manner towards all of this, which will help then but not necessarily now.

I’ve also been spending some more time reading about Git. Some interesting concepts that I’ll have to try out. Now all I need is some time.

And to round out the day I had the ePrints cosmetic release I was talking about. As expected it went off without a hitch and we’ve now got a new version released fixing all of their little cosmetic issues.

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