Mar 9

Today: 09-Mar-2009: Global Domination

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Today I had VB6 crash with an error reported in the VBA.DLL module when loading the project. Reloading VB6 had no such error which is a bit fun. I’ve finished completing the reuploader tool and its serving its temporary purpose and apparently working properly.

I also had some ePrints performance fun, however its now five minutes later. I still think its a cache expiry issue, however I’m not sure yet. The query itself doesn’t appear to come from ePrints but some PHP file somewhere, so I’m not sure what is its trigger. There were also some minor ePrints changes, mostly cosmetic alterations to the way things looks and links. I’m scheduling these changes for release on Wednesday, it shouldn’t result in any downtime so we can do it during the middle of the day with enough precaution.

Today I also had induction. I’m sure it would be useful if I hadn’t been studying at the University for the last few years, hadn’t of already started working and if it wasn’t the regurgitation of the web site and the contents of it. Still, it served to kill an hour and a half of time.

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