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Today: 06-Mar-2009: Almost there!

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Another day of Visual Basic 6 fun. The VB error of the day is below:

This charming little error occurred reproducibly when I try to load up two copies of VB6 at the same time. I have two copies running with the new project I’m working on and the older project that I’m trying to pull code from to improve. Dismissing the dialogue doesn’t appear to cause VB6 to crash horrifically so I’m not quite sure what it is about but its a wonderful error though.

Developing more and more with Visual Basic and hitting its limitations and today yay for Microsoft: – secret API functions! You know, the ones that Microsoft said didn’t exist and said didn’t give them a competitive advantage? Yeah, look at that, they are there! At least I have callbacks but in the end I worked out a way to solve the problem differently that avoided the need for callbacks after fighting with trying to get them to work. No fun, but anyway.

For the most part I’ve got the backup system (of sorts) mostly functional and working. It doesn’t shell out to handle stuff and has some better error reporting but its still not perfect. I guess I can do that on Monday. At the moment it should be enough to get us across the line and thats an improvement on where we are now.

We also had some ePrints weird slowness. Personally I think its the system trying to regenerate itself from the cached data because its expired. It then doesn’t help that they think its slow and then start clicking around the place to help make it even more slower. “It feels slow, I’m clicking on all of these links that I wouldn’t normally click – hey! Do you think that has anything to do with it?” Gotta love users.

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