Feb 27

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My preferred Internet provider is Netspace. So much so that I’ve recommended it to people and beyond myself I know of about five other people who have gone to them on my recommendation. They offer reasonable price and when you can get to their technical staff, the ones that I have encountered seem very reasonable and knowledgeable. The key is getting through. I’m writing this blog post whilst waiting on hold for Netspace about a billing enquiry. As I type it has been over 25 minutes of waiting.

At the moment my dad is planning on moving house having sold his current house. He has a 1.5MBit Netspace connection on a plan that doesn’t exist any more (a grandfathered plan) and I want to change it to his new location. After 31 minutes I had my answer: the other connection will have to be disconnected (have the codes removed from the line, 48 hours) and then the other one transferred. They can do the transfer but it will take 5 to 10 business days for it to be processed by Telstra (they didn’t mention Telstra but being ADSL1 there isn’t another option). I guess now I have to do the hard work and paperwork.

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