Feb 24

Today: 24-Feb-2009: Presented!

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After having fun with the presenter project we managed to get everything mostly sorted today. Although the desktop deployment job failed last night they were able to get one of the lecture theatres up and running with the new build for testing. Thankfully this worked fine with everything working the way that it should with no crashing of PowerPoint to be had. Other issues have since cropped up on the student systems in addition to all of the lecture theatre computers. My part is done however, so we’ll see what happens on Thursday for the public demo.

I also managed to today fix up the dev environment of ePrints and wrote this down for future reference. It turned out that ePrints has a simple command to resync the database. At this point I managed to update the test environment to be in line with development. There have been continuing issues with the production environment having changes that weren’t made to either of the test or development environments. At this point I’m hopefully going to be able to get everything back up to date though that will be later in the week.

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