Feb 21


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I decided this morning to give Panic’s Coda software a go. Coda is billed as an all in one web development tool. It has a whole bunch of things built in such as Subversion. At USD$99, I half expected it to just work, especially given their arrogant slogan. What I found by simply adding a “site” was that it crashed. I reported it and decided to give it another go. This time I got half way through adding the site and was about to save it before not one but two error dialogs appeared advising me to quit again. I haven’t had a chance to use it and it keeps crashing, not good. I think this is one bit of software I will not bother with. I guess I’ll stick to Eclipse.

Update: I have an email Coda stating that they believe that it is an issue with a third party application is causing the issue. When I have a chance to quit everything I’ll work out which application is causing it though if I can to forgo something useful it probably isn’t worth it.

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