Feb 20

Today: 20-Feb-2009: Downtime

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Today almost seemed to be the start of the maintainence day that was scheduled for tomorrow. The USQ website was taken offline though that wasn’t so bad because not long afterwards the net link went down. Turns out there was a series of mishaps starting with a sparky wiping out one of the the interconnects between the firewall edge devices. This on it’s own wasn’t too bad until the fiber link to Sydney went down which with the edge interconnects down meant the failover didn’t work and for a few hours there was no internet connection. You see some people determine that without internet access or email there was no point being at work, which I find interesting.

I sat down and worked through ePrints most of the day. Its some how broken on my dev system, perhaps due to me trying to resync all of the systems together and creating a new field through the filesystem not through their interface. It appears that this has broken the system which is unfortunate. However I’ve managed to get everything in sync between dev, test and prod.

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