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Today: 19-Feb-2009: Outlook

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It has been an incredibly long time since I used Windows and now using it full time I’ve managed to get most things the way I want them, beyond the odd occasion when Windows decides that I didn’t want to use my start menu for much – but I’m working on ways around that. I’m also using Outlook full time as an email client and getting rather annoyed with its lack of functionality.

Every so often Outlook notifies me its connecting to an Exchange server, the other day when I was having IP issues it notified me that it was going to reconnect to the server but never got around to it (I ended up working out that the “You are working offline” error message and the actual “work offline” setting don’t corelate – there is another item at the bottom that was displaying disconnected). Impossible to assign rules for mailer subsystem.

Another annoyance I find with Windows is that it is hard moving maximised windows across desktops. On Mac its simple, you just drag the window across and if it doesn’t fit in its destination for whatever reason (dock, menu bar, smaller screen), the window gets resized to fit automatically once you drop the window (release the mouse button). Linux has a similar deal however windows in transit get unmaximised and can be remaximised at their destination. Windows however forces you to double click the window, shift it to the right display and then maximise it again. Interestingly on Mac and Linux I can use keyboard combos so I don’t even need to select the window’s title bar to move it (Alt dragging on Linux and I have Zooom on the Mac to handle that).

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