Feb 18

Today: 18-Feb-2009: Back to the Visual Basic

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Like the previous few days I spent majority of my day trying to get ePrints in a consistent view in my SVN repo. Mostly boring.

In the afternoon I went to the handover of some presentation recording software. It is written in part with Visual Basic 6 for the Powerpoint integration and then some PHP on a Windows server that integrates with Adobe Presenter on the Windows box to handle converting the Powerpoint file and the associated recodings with the generated Flash file. While we were there the system actually broke so we stood around and waited for it’s developer to fix the system up. He seemed really reticent to hand over all of the code but I managed to get him to copy the directory. Originally he was only selecting a few files but was excluding some of the important Visual Basic project files. Hopefully I have enough of the code to get it to work

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