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Today: 13-Feb-2009: More ePrints fun

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This morning marked my first change at USQ. The uni being a much larger organisation has a lot more beurocracy around change management and is perhaps not as agile as Council though that isn’t necessarily a bad thing when one considers things. The change itself went through well and I passed it onto the functional team to test and release. I haven’t heard back from them so I figure that at the close of business things worked out fine.

The task tracker, Gemini, is an interesting and mostly functional tool. It is another .Net application however it appears to have been mostly sanely and not rely on .Net’s form libraries that create almost unusuable web applications. It certainly isn’t the greatest tool of all but it is at least on par with Bugzilla, except you have to pay for this one.

HEAT access is on by list and it will be interesting to see how it compares to ITSM. Not that ITSM worked well at Council, but if parts of it worked better it would be really awesome. Assignable subtasks for items were perhaps my most favouritw concept, however it is a shame that the application never actually saw fit for them to work properly, typically causing some form of weird error when predefined actions tried to take place. Cool idea if it worked.

More ePrints work today, even trying to track down a PEBKAC error which is particularly hard when you are yourself learning the system (and more annoying when you realize the system worked fine and the code was right which is why you’re pulling your hair out trying to work out why it doesn’t appear to be working!). Other smaller tasks consumed my day as well as minor amounts of paperwork. Good fun!

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