Feb 11

Today: 11-Feb-2009: A new desk

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Today began with a small amount of furniture shuffling to get a desk. Once we’d managed that bit of minor co-ordination I was able to startbworking through the back log of email that I’d received while I was absent. Very much fun. I have also somehow managed to line up some early mornings for myself in the few weeks ahead which isn’t going to be the most fun. I start with an 8am on Friday to upgrade some software followed by the Monday and a 7am meeting. I’ll have to get some early nights some where. I’m still yet to recover completely from the weekends excessive lack of sleep and exhaustion so I’m still feeling rather sapped.

I also today started to make a list of education users that use Joomla!, more on that when I get it more cleaned up and progressive. Mostly its users who also use LDAP or JAuthTools (or both) who are on my list so its slightly slanted, but we’ll see.

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