Feb 10

Today: 10-Feb-2009: A new desk…or not?

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Today was my first day at USQ as a full time long term member of staff. Saw the Ford Fiesta ad, a new one this time, and it strikes me as to why Ford Australia was so annoyed at it: having already aired in the UK, you can’t help but think it was copied. But I digress, my first day involved no work with a computer I could consider my own instead working to configure or fix other peoples computers. First helping to configure Apache and squid to proxy data for one of the developers that had through firewall fun been blocked from her Subversion repository and bug tracker, ouch! From here I managed to work on helping to configure a Ubuntu laptop to get it up and running, configuiring Apache, MySQL, PHP and getting Eclipse to play nicely (ended up disabling the Validation builder). It still isn’t playing the game properly so I will probably have a look at it at some point to get it to work). Managed at 4pm to get my account reinstated so I’m up and running with everything. Now all I need is a desk to sit at, another task for tomorrow.

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