Feb 3

Today: 03-Feb-2009: Discoveries

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Some days you find stuff that you forgot you built. Looking through my research folder I found an old script that detected IP addresses for users in an eDirectory system. I gave it a spin and it worked as expected. It is amazing the little tools that extinct in the my miscellaneous research folders.

An new minor project for the day has come up which is a simple project to validate data in the Council’s Active Directory server against what is in the main eDirectory server. We’re having issues with IDM not synchronising data properly into Active Directory. The solution appears to be blanking the field in Active Directory, waiting for it to push across into the eDirectory system and then pushing back the existing value into directory and let it replicate back properly. So I guess I’ll look at that tomorrow.

Another day of documentation today as well writing up how to join Mac OS X boxes to AD trees and configuring applications like Mail and Address Book to work properly. More fun again tomorrow!

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