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Today: 29-Jan-2009: A day of frustration

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I’ve been working today to convert a legacy app up to Joomla! level. As I progress with the app I get annoyed with the painful assumption that it makes that everything is in the right directory. It reminds me of PEAR that relies on people have it in their include path. In the world of shared hosting that might be something impossible: no ability to use PEAR to install packages and sometimes no ability to change the include path. Then you end up having apps breaking when either of these assumptions break. CiviCRM has this issue, amoungst others.

The day ended with acting principal (we go you, co-ordinator, principal, manager, director, CEO; some may be skipped, e.g. I have no co-ordinator) reaffirming that I should be working on backup systems as a priority, works for me. It was handed to him as a task to have this meeting and he left it until late in the afternoon on his last day. Obviously high on his priority list. Mind you it told me what I already knew, so it’s nice to be affirmed.

Later tonight I think it’s time to release JAuthTools now that everything is in order. More documentation to write.

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