Jan 29

Today: 29-Jan-2009: Merge to fix

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Another day and a new feature request for SALMON. Today’s request was a request for a metaitem for if Servers Alive hasn’t updated the page for a while. There was another request for an audible alert though I managed to convince our network tech that SALMON wasn’t the place to build that sort of item. Tomorrow I’ll go through go and make sure to get rid of some of the cruft then release it out to the world.

Beyond the ordinary helpdesk style tasks, I also did some work on one of my smaller projects. I had forgotten that I had done some work on it elsewhere an after making all it changes and committing SVN gave me a resource out of date error. I update and feared that I’d have to fix up a conflict but everything merged properly where the different changes had been made. Worrying something else would break I refreshed the page and saw that it had actually fixed another issue that I had been ignoring temporarily.

I also spent a short amount of time making some changes to the Joonla! Trunk install file. Nothing major mind you but some slight changes.

All in all, happy with the day.

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