Jan 21

Today: 21-Jan-2009: Migration and MySQL fun!

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Beyond the incredibly boring and time consuming task of building an SQL query for a CSV dump of our grave records for yet another third party to put it in another system to be managed. Looks like fun.

Migration fun again with people wondering why their site didn’t migrate properly with core hacks, fun for the whole family. Another one with strange anomolies which appear to be due to a lack of the iconv extension (took a few posts to get that point including asking twice but all good fun). Hopefully removing those nasty core hacks and installing iconv will fix most things up.

Towards the end of the day I decided to try my hand at creating a new MySQL storage engine and I’m presently not doing too well. There is tonnes of pieces of documentation scattered over the web which are incredibly light on how the system actually works. I think I’ve managed to get a grasp on how the entire thing comes together and data gets transported though I’m yet to get a build process that works properly. I think I’ve done everything I need to get the item to work and with a bit of hacking of the configure file the system bulids though I’m stil not sure if its working properly (mind you its not failing at the compile stage so thats a start). Tomorrow I’ll see if what I’ve got at the moment will load into the MySQL instance I’ve built and progress from there.

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