Jan 19

Today: 19-Jan-2009: Testing JAuthTools

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After many weeks of development I spent the day testing the last of the packages for JAuthTools. There were a few files which had out of date manifest files or just the stock manifest that I copy around as a placeholder. Everything appears to be installing correctly so far so after I write some more documentation tomorrow or the next I’ll do a release.

Over the weekend I also completed some more work on JAuthTools finalizing the LDAP user plugin (hopefully) as well as creating a new module called “context login” to handle contextual situations such as Google Apps for Your Domain. I’ve retro fitted support onto both my advanced LDAP plugin as well as my advanced GMail plugin. Will need to write up how to use this new tool as well.

I also released JDiagnostic today with some updates to how I handle Active Directory with SSO better. In the next few days I’ll do some documentation on that as well.

Tomorrow marks the first arrival of The dev co-ord summit with Wilco. The rest of the gang arrive on Thursday. Should be a fun weekend ahead.

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