Jan 14

Today: 14-Jan-2009: Slower pace

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Almost depressingly the most interesting thing of today was the meeting on what services we were going going to deliver to the regions. We are moving in to try and unify the applications and deliver them at a reasonable pace to the users. The main problem is that people have applications out there already but their data is here and in the short term we’re not going to be able to deliver the links possible for them to reasonably maintain those services locally anyway…kind of sucks. For the majority of users we can deliver applications via Citrix in the short to medium term (we’re already doing this and its working for the most part) however there are some applications, particularly the Engineering ones (GIS mapping tools and AutoCad). These are applications that rely on dedicated graphics hardware and don’t fit in well with the Citrix style environment (or any form of remote environment for that matter). So we’re looking at different options such as VDI or VNC to handle those particular people. Where possible the main aim is not to move infrastructre out into the regions and keep it centralised. Wonder how long we’ll stick to that.

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