Jan 12

Today: 12-Jan-2009: Finalisation

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Today was the submission of an assignment for uni. As I spent the majority of the weekend working on it I’m looking forward to not seeing it for a while. It must be said, however, that it has driven some testing into different systems and was one of the reasons for my SSO manager development so that part of the system was easily user configurable. So over the weekend I’ve managed to get the system to work whilst also progressing towards a release for JAuthTools 1.5.4 with the new SSO manager in it. At the moment Im still waiting on some feedback for the LDAP user plugin prior to release. At the moment I’m happy with it’s status so when I get some final feedback I’ll do what I hope will be my final release for 1.5 and start to look only at 1.6 stuff. Exciting!

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