Jan 8

Today: 08-Jan-2009: SALMON again!

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Spent another day with SALMON today rebuilding the parser to include the entirely new file format that we managed to create out of it. This one now produces the groups that Servers Alive creates so I can use those to automatically create pages and autofill in servers to it (which now works). So now it not only pulls in data about services and their status, it grabs the ‘pretty name’ as well as the actual item being measured, it also stores the result of that even though it doesn’t use it yet as well as the last time it was updated. I’ll put all of this together into something more useful but for now the parser works on the new file format. It now also autogenerates pages from the group and automatically adds the relevant services to those pages.

Other fun tasks for the day include more documentation (this time on docs.joomla.org), a blog post (community.joomla.org) and looking through my favourite forum maybe even writing a reply or two (forum.joomla.org). I did have a look at my SSO stuff though it was rather limited. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more time to spend on it and I’ll get it up and running with a proper installer so that I can get other people using it (yay!). I also noted today that our Human Resources department started to use the TIFF to PDF service that I offer at work after nobody touching it for a rather long period of time. Nice to see stuff used every so often and justify its existence.

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