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Today: 06-Jan-2009: Documentation day

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The most productive task of today was writing up the documentation to JDiagnostic. JDiagnostic is my Swiss Army knife for stuff like authentication in Joomla!. The setup that I used was on the Mac OS X G5 workstation that I have at work with a cut down Safari window, Firefox in my Joomla! admin panel creating new articles and the Preview application to handle capturing screenshots. To make uploading to my server easier I used sshfs to connect to the folder I was after on the server which meant that saving files to the box was as simple as selecting the server on the file save dialog and waiting for the file to be uploaded. Thankfully the application saving the file is the only to block so I could take a screenshot in Preview and then type it up in Firefox and by the time that I went to add the image to the article the file had uploaded and was ready on the server to add to my new article. Preview is the stand out application which is a bundled application in OS X. It handles most image files easily and has a rather useful screen capture aspect built in. This tied with the menu bar at the top makes it really quick and simple to make screenshots – perhaps the easiest of all of the major platforms (Windows in my mind is second here because screen capture on Linux generally sucks except for the GIMP but it loses on usability). Another day of fun!!

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