Dec 16

Today: 16-Dec-2008: Securing Windows and legacy fun

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This morning I did my best to try to get one of the service accounts to prevent interactive login. I tried setting the login hours to nothing, limiting the computers it can login from and requiring smart card authentication for interactive login. Each setting prevented the account from binding to the LDAP interface. Changing tact I tried to set the login script to run “shutdown.exe -l” and get the system to shutdown – no joy. I also tried setting up the TS login in an attempt to get it to work but no joy. I don’t get how I can the account to be secured.

I also spent some time working on an older system at Council that was badly written. In this case there was a request to add some extra filtering to a report. The system as designed branches off into code specific files to handle searching on the respective code before pushing it into a not so temporary table called “temp2”. This is then outputted in a common set of code which pulls it back from the table. Thankfully there is enough information at this point to make a small join to easily make the filter work. At the moment I’m trying to work out why it isn’t properly handling date ranges. The dates are unfortunately not working but I’m not sure if it is because of the database server being ancient (4.0.14) or if it’s because the dates are being inputted in the first decade, e.g. the year 8 AD. Weird crap like this annoys me and makes it hard to extend the system or fix issues. I also did some minor work on both Joomla! and JAuthTools to fix some minor bugs.

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