Dec 11

Today: 11-Dec-2008: Fixing Windows

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Following yesterday’s theme I started fixing the Windows instance so that it worked better. First I had to get local admin but once I had that I was free. I put a decent unzip tool on the system (7zip; perhaps arguable about decent but it handles more than Windows does), I replaced alt-tab with the Windows power toy version (allows me to click on icons and gives me a preview of the window most times), I’d already put Firefox and Eclipse on as well as getting a more up to date version of Java to handle the applications I need to run. I’ve also put Chrome on the machine and I’m presently liking it at the moment. Its not quite home yet and I may yet end up setting up Linux somewhere, potentially in a vm, for the simplest of features: symbolic links. It appears that junction points in Windows are evil, deleting one inappropriate will result in the target folder having its contents deleted, moving it to another volume results in the target being emptied however copying does work properly. A lot of commands don’t treat them properly and there is a limited set of commands that you can use to fix things up. Needless to say, I’m going to avoid them. Ahh the joys of Windows!

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