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Today: 05-Nov-2008: SSO and election fun

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As expected I made some progress on my SSO with the basic plugin editor working for type A and C plugins but storing isn’t written yet so I can’t create new type B plugins yet or alter existing plugin entries of any of the plugin types. So the basic views and models are up and running, now I have to finalize the administrator section and then build the front end layer. Once all of that is done I can work on doing the actual plugins themselves, rewriting SOAP SSO, expanding SimpleSSO to handle the new type B requirements and add a new OpenID plugin that integrates into this infrastructure as opposed to integrating badly with the core Joomla! authentication system. It is the only authentication plugin that doesn’t work within the framework instead redirecting the user around the Internet and then back to Joomla! to login. Not the sort of ideal situation which is why I’m trying provide alternatives.

Today was also go live for the next phase of the election process the open source system seems to be working well with a small glitch in one of the extra SQL statements that I had added very close to then end where I had forgotten an extra table. It was a quick fix in my prerelease checking so it thankfully never went online in the production environment. There is no such thing too much testing – it took us three days to find a reproducable bug in one of the other systems that we were planning on using prior to building our own solution. Tomorrow will be putting items up on the website, should be fun!

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