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Today: 02-Nov-2008: Fighting Subversion and new software releases

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Today I spent the majority of the day trying my darndest to convince Subversion to accept my code. Eclipse crashed multiple times and the Subversion command line client wasn’t much help either. I must admit I’ve never seen things crash so often and so fast. I’ve managed to get most of the way there and I’ll persevere for the last bits. I might end up taking it home.

On a lighter front I submitted three extensions to the JED, a really quick Google Search module (you could do it tonnes of other ways that I’m sure have been done before, but just throwing it out there), a content plugin that handles working out anniversary dates (e.g. I’m n years old) and a module that detects if you’re logged in and redirects you to another page (useful more for my SSO stuff where there is no ‘login’ event per se which you want to redirect the user from). Hopefully they’ll all appear sooner or later.

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