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Today: 01-Nov-2008: Less dialup pain

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Most of today was spent doing nothing much interesting. I watched a PC that I was working just randomly reboot (yay for Windows, what a wonderful operating system), I did manage to get some extra documentation written on my SSO plugins but most interestingly we’ve now got our ADSL connection back so we’re not trying to share a dialup internet connection with three people. It was very painful. Its nice to have pings that aren’t in the 10 to 14 second range (I kid you not). I’ve spent most of this evening writing an OJS plugin for my girlfriend  – she keeps changing the goal posts each time she asks me which has now lead to a minor redesign of the way I’m approaching things, I’m going to have to spend a lot more time digging through OJS to find the code that I need to do to get the system to behave properly but sooner or later she wants me to hack apart the system to change it anyway.

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